Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome To Brokered Convention News

A brokered convention is one in which no candidate secures a majority of delegates from the political party's primary and caucus process, requiring the delegates to "broker" a deal on the floor of the convention to select the party's nominee for president. The possibility of a brokered Republican convention in 2012 is as high as it has been since the last one occurred in 1976, thanks to new party rules regarding delegate selection, the low levels of support for the current front runners and the prospect of the Ron Paul campaign collecting enough delegates to prevent anyone else from securing a majority.

A brokered convention could lead to a deal allowing one of the currently announced candidates to become the nominee, or entice a brand new candidate to enter the race and convince a majority of delegates to switch allegiances.

This blog will track all developments related to the possibility of such an event. Stay tuned!

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