Monday, January 9, 2012

Jonah Goldberg Raises The Broke Buzz Up A Notch

Jonah Goldberg, prominent conservative commentator for the National Review, turns conservative elite scuttlebutt into news for his regular Los Angeles Times column.

In a piece primarily about Mitt Romney's potential weaknesses as a general election candidate, Goldberg concludes:

His authentic inauthenticity problem isn't going away. And it's sapping enthusiasm from the rank and file. The turnout in Iowa was disastrously low, barely higher than the turnout in 2008 — and if Ron Paul hadn't brought thousands of non-Republicans to the caucus sites, it would have been decidedly lower than in 2008. That's an ominous sign given how much enthusiasm there should be for making Obama a one-term president. It's almost as if Romney's banality is infectious....

...Every four years pundits and activists talk about how cool it would be to have a brokered convention (if no candidate has 50% of the delegates by convention time). This is the first time I've heard people saying it may be necessary.

This piece is designed to further legitimize the prospect of a brokered convention and keep primary voters from letting Romney seal the deal.

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