Monday, December 19, 2011

Christie-SuperFan Kristol Dreams Of Brokered Convention

Bill Kristol is touting the prospect of a brokered convention as healthy for the Republican Party in the latest issue of the Weekly Standard:

... a deadlocked convention, which then became a deliberative convention, could be a good thing, because most sentient Republicans, and most conscientious conservatives, suspect we can do better than the current field ... a rush to judgment by political elites and premature closure of the nominating process hasn’t served Republicans, or conservatives, particularly well in the last several election cycles. It’s a new political era. Perhaps that era will feature once again a real, deliberative convention—where the delegates, with the ghosts of Lincoln and FDR looking on, choose, on a second or third or fourth ballot, a compelling nominee and a consequential president.

In late September, Kristol described his reaction to the current field as "Yikes," and publicly pressured NJ Gov. Chris Christie to enter the race as his patriotic duty.

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