Monday, December 19, 2011

Conservative Oregon Blogger Makes Brokered Convention Proposal

In an Oregon Catalyst post titled "Time For a Brokered Convention?" Chana Cox proposes a "favorite son" strategy, and offers up Rep. Greg Walden.

One way of making certain there is no clear majority is to have primary voters in each state elect a “favored son” candidate – some Republican who the people in his or her state trust to make a good judgment working with the state’s delegates at the convention.


While there are dangers in brokered conventions, there is always a chance that a good viable candidate will emerge. At the moment no such candidate is emerging out of the primaries. They have all been fatally weakened by the process and the press. The actual presidential campaign would be short, but these candidates are already well known. In recent years the conventions have all become pro forma. This convention would be a cliff hanger. What have we got to lose?

We have become accustomed to voting for the lesser of two evils but neither the Democrats nor the Republicans currently have a candidate that a majority of the people even in their own parties will vote for with anything like real enthusiasm. If I were a Democrat, I would be proposing the same strategy.

We should not ask the favored son or daughter to stand for election in the primary. In many cases that would be tantamount to political suicide. Instead, we should use the social media to organize a write-in candidate.

I propose that here in Oregon, Republicans vote for Greg Waldon [sic] as our presidential candidate.

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