Sunday, December 25, 2011

Black Broke Boost Bestirs Conservative Blogosphere

After conservative media mogul Conrad Black penned his "Letter from a Miami Jail" encouraging a brokered convention, reaction spread among several prominent conservative bloggers.

"Smitty" from "The Other McCain" paradoxically criticized Black's seeming approval of Jeb Bush as sufficiently conservative to be a brokered nominee, while chiding conservatives for insisting on perfection for any nominee:

What black [sic] is missing here is that if the conservative hoi polloi are so daft as to allow the Ruling Class to insert Huntsman, then the sleight-of-hand necessary to anoint Mitt would be trivial.

But Jeb Bush? Really? Other than saving Gaia by permitting the recycling of all the Democrat “No More Bush” signs, I can’t see much advantage to nominating Jeb. Which is not to say he’s less than a talented executive. Rather, if we’re so hard up in a population of 330 million for leadership that Jeb is it, we’re totally lost and might as well cling to Barack.

Some may see a brokered convention as a bad thing. It’s only bad if people continue bickering and arguing over ‘oo stabbed ‘oo. Remember, it’s politics. Keep the grieving short. Once there is a nominee, if everyone forms up behind that nominee, there is ample room for confidence. If conservatives play Barack’s game, and the fanatic followers of a certain candidate support a third-party run, there is much risk. So, as more candidates get the Herman Cain treatment, remember: there is a time to argue the fine tactical points of just how grossly unfair a lynching it was (or not), and there are times to write down some notes, set them aside, and focus on the larger picture of what must be done to restore the country, even if it’s not with your preferred candidate. Tough toenails.

The above seems to encapsulate the difficulty conservatives are having trying to square ideological goals with coalition building.

Daily Pundit's Bill Quick is not as sanguine as "Smitty" regarding the outcome of any brokered convention. Responding to Smitty's remark that, "It’s only bad if people continue bickering and arguing over ‘oo stabbed ‘oo," Quick said:

That’s a gigantic freaking “if,” Smitty.

For instance, I’ve already said I won’t vote for Romney, Ron Paul, or Yet Another Bush under any circumstances. I’m pretty sure others feel the same way – even if the Gentry GOP hacks and flacks seem to think we don’t really mean it. Just like they did back in 2008, and that worked out so well for them, didn’t it?

And M. Joseph Sheppard sees Sarah Palin as the woman who fits Black's criteria for a brokered nominee:

[T]he fact is that she has not endorsed any of the current candidates, nor has she entirely ruled out being a candidate ("it would take an earthquake" is not "no").

It may be that, as I wrote recently, Palin will turn out to be a genius for having avoided this embarrassing GOP candidates circus.

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