Friday, December 30, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Organization Forms To Recruit Delegates For a Brokered Convention

Anthony Martin of the Conservative Examiner breaks big brokered convention news, headlined: "Ron Paul defectors create group to train grassroots delegates to GOP convention."

The nascent organization is called Republicans Elect, and lives online at

It is founded by two Ron Paul campaign "defectors" who say they "don't believe Ron Paul can win," they "want another choice" and vaguely pledge to "teach" other Republicans "how to become national delegates."

Martin reports, also vaguely, that their overarching goal is "strengthening the voices of conservatives who adhere to Constitutional principles."

Presumably, that means they want to organize people to become delegates who are nominally pledged to one of the announced candidates, but who will quickly abandon them after an initial convention floor ballot, and then will forge a bloc to back a hereby unannounced candidate who tracks closely to Paul's brand of libertarian conservatism.

Follow their efforts at Republicans Elect.

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