Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Blog Bigs Split Over Going Broke

Joe Pollak, editor-in-chief of the Andrew Breitbart online empire, not only gets behind a brokered convention, but ranks the top 10 candidates he'd like to see get nominated in a brokered convention. The headline: "Americans Deserve The Best." Here's the top 10:

10. Rep. Eric Cantor
9. Sen. Jim DeMint
8. Gov. Bobby Jindal
7. Rep. Mike Pence
6. Gov. Mitch Daniels
5. Sen. Marco Rubio
4. Gov. Chris Christie
3. Rep. Paul Ryan
2. Gov. Sarah Palin
1. Gov. Scott Walker

Meanwhile, Hot Air's Ed Morrissey counsels conservatives to stop waiting for "white knights":

...a brokered convention would favor candidates with closer ties to the “establishment” of the party, not to the grassroots of movement conservatives. The term “brokering” is a big, huge hint in that direction; we wouldn’t know who the “brokers” are specifically, but I can pretty much assure you that it won’t be your local Tea Party organizer. Anti-establishment conservatives should be praying for anything but a brokered convention, and recall that the primary process was one way to keep the party from choosing its nominees in the proverbial smoke-filled back rooms.


Even if a candidate were to jump in at this late date, it would have to be one who could reliably raise money fast, organize effectively, have good name recognition, be well prepared on policy, and survive the kind of intense vetting that has derailed Cain, Rick Perry, Bachmann, and has deflated Gingrich’s bubble. That’s a recipe for an establishment candidate, not an outsider. We should stop fantasizing about white knights riding to the rescue and focus on the choices we have in front of us now.

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