Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paul Backer Slams Prospect Of Brokered Convention

David Franke, who regularly promotes Ron Paul on the self-described "anarcho-capitalist" site, criticized the possibility of a brokered convention as anti-democratic at Richard Viguerie's Conservative HQ blog:

Yes, debates are messy. So are primaries and democracy. But running for president is a tough game, and they help the party weed out the weak and find its voice for the coming campaign against a well-financed incumbency. There’s no guarantee that the best man or woman will win, and there’s no guarantee that the party’s eventual message will deserve to win. But there’s a better chance with debates and primaries than there would be in an establishment-dominated insider-brokered convention.

A moderately successful Paul campaign would likely be a main reason why no candidate would secure a majority of delegates and force a brokered convention.

However, it is highly unlikely Paul would emerge the winner on the convention floor.

However again, such a scenario might put Paul in the uncomfortable position of being the ultimate inside broker.

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