Monday, February 20, 2012

Elites Beg Daniels To Go Broke

Politico reports on the growing clamor for a brokered convention among the GOP establishment, while continuing the attempt to re-brand it as a "contested" convention. The top prospect: IN Gov. Mitch Daniels:

Indiana GOP Chairman Eric Holcomb, one of Gov. Daniels’ closest advisers, revealed to POLITICO that “the whispers have become shouts, the knocks on [Daniels’] door have become fist pounding.”

“Republicans are fretting the four dancing now can’t beat Obama in the fall — so their national talent search continues,” Holcomb said, adding that the pleas had come from “the adults” in the party.


Despite the fact that he is a top Romney surrogate, Christie, too, has received entreaties from senior Republicans, sources said, with the pitches rising again in recent weeks as Romney has struggled. The New Jersey governor hasn’t budged from the position he took last year, when he said “no,”


And just as Christie shows no signs of changing his mind, Daniels also appears unlikely to reverse course.

“He respects those approaching him greatly, but no vote from the women’s caucus at home yet,” Holcomb quipped, alluding to the opposition against a run from the Hoosier’s wife and daughters. “[It] might take an Occupy on the Governor’s Residence lawn!”

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